How to Use the Timer

Use the Timer for the different steps in your meeting or business process to make sure your work is getting done efficiently and your meeting does not run too long.

New Timer Initial State

Note: The Timer is available to all Stormboard users, but only the Storm Administrators can set, start, and stop the Timer.

How to open the Timer

  1. Click the clock icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your Storm. (Note: Only the Storm Administrator will be able to see this icon).

  2. The Timer will open.

The Timer counts down from a specific set time. It can be set using the pre-set times, or you can set a custom time.

To set a custom time:

  1. Click in the hour, minute, or second sections of the timer that you want to edit.

  2. Type in the numbers for your custom time.

New Timer 5 Mins Selected

You can add a label to the Timer that can be seen by everyone on your Team.

To add a label:

  1. Click in the box that says, “add a label to this timer”.

  2. Type your label or description.

    New Timer Label Update

  3. The label is automatically saved.

    New Timer Started Notification
    New Timer Running Menu View

To add a Sound on the Timer to get notified when the Timer elapses, click on "No Sound" and select a tune from the dropdown menu.

New Timer Sounds Dropdown

New Timer Bell Sound Selected (1) 
When the Timer elapses, you will also get a notification.
New Timer Times Up Menu View
Clicking “Hide” will minimize the Timer. You will still be able to see the countdown, but it will be embedded in the menu at the bottom of your Storm.

New Timer Hidden View
New Timer Times Up Hidden View

Note: Only one Timer can be running in a Storm at a time. As only the Storm Administrators can set, start, and stop the Timer, the Contributors can only hide the Timer.

New Timer Non-Admin View