How do Template Guides work?

Template Guides provide instruction and inspiration on how to use a template.


1. To open the guide click the “Guide” button at the top of your Storm. A panel will open giving you a brief overview. You can choose to not see this introduction again if you like.

Guide Button Screenshot

2. Click the “Got It!” button to move to the next screen.  

3. You will now see the title of each section of the Guide in the panel.  

4. When you click on a section in the Guide, your Storm will zoom in on the corresponding section. Follow the instructions, which will walk you through the process. 

Guide Panel Screenshot

5. Use the cards as inspiration or prompts to move your meeting forward. You can switch to a different card by clicking on it.  

Note: While the Guide is active, you are limited to the changes you can make to the template. If you remove the Guide, you will be able to split, merge, and edit sections as if it were a regular Template. If the Guide is removed, it cannot be added back.