How do I spotlight a section in a Storm?

Focus the attention of users in your Storm to a specific section with the Section Spotlight feature!

This feature is only available on an Enterprise plan. Only the Storm Administrator can spotlight a section.

Storm Administrator(s) can help users focus their attention on a specific section by highlighting the section with the spotlight feature.

Whether you’re presenting, working through an outline, or running a collaboration session, Section Spotlight makes it easier for everyone to be on same page and eliminates possible distractions.

Section Spotlight

To start a spotlight:

  1. Click the ‘Customize this Section’ icon in the top right of a section header.

  2. Click ‘Spotlight Section’. This will focus the position of all Storm users on that section. You will only be able to collaborate and add ideas to the spotlighted area.

Move a spotlight to a different section:

  1. Any section that is not currently being spotlighted will have the ‘Customize this Section’ icon replaced with a ‘Move Spotlight’ icon. Click this to move the spotlight to a different section.

To stop a spotlight:

There are two different ways to stop a section spotlight:

  1. Once a section spotlight is started, a floating button will appear above that section that says ‘Stop’. Click this to stop the spotlight (see GIF above).

  2. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Customize this Section’ icon on the spotlighted section and select ‘Stop Spotlight’ from the menu.