How do I create a Stormboard account?

Create your Stormboard account by clicking the 'Sign Up Free' button or by logging in with one of our sign-in partners.

To create a Stormboard account, navigate to the Stormboard website: 

  1. Click the Sign Up Free button in the top right navigation bar.

    Sign Up Free Button on Homepage Screenshot

2.  On the page that opens, fill out the 'Get Started with Stormboard' form with your first name, last name, email address, and a new password.

3. Check the 'I agree to the Stormboard Terms of Service' checkbox.

4 a. Click the Sign Up Free button below the form. 

Get Started With Stormboard Sign Up Form Screenshot

4 b. You can also click the Sign-In Partner buttons below the sign up form to create an account with Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn or Facebook:

Sign In Partner Buttons below Sign Up form buttons Screenshot

5. On the next page that opens, enter the verification code that was sent to your email and click Confirm Your Email

Verify Your Email Page Screenshot

Note: If you do not receive the code in your Inbox or Spam folder, or if you entered the incorrect email address, please request for the code to be sent again.

6. On the next page that opens, enter a new username. You can also optionally enter your company name and upload or select a new profile picture to use as your Stormboard avatar. When finished, click Next.

Profile Setup Page Screenshot
7. On the next page that opens, select your preferred subscription plan. When finished, click Next. 

Note: If you are unsure which plan to select, choose the free Personal plan. You can always upgrade to a paid subscription later by selecting a new plan on our our Pricing Page.

8. You will then be brought to your Stormboard dashboard, with an option to Show me around for a guided tour. Congratulations! You're now ready to use Stormboard. 

Please contact us if you have any questions along the way.