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How do I copy or move multiple stickies in a Storm?

Use the Shift key to select multiple sticky notes and bring up their Copy/Move options.

  1. Press and hold the Shift key, click on a blank area in the Storm near the stickies you want to copy, and drag the cursor over the stickies you would like to select.

  2. The selected sticky notes will have a blue border around them.

  3. A new menu will appear next to your cursor showing you the number of stickies you've selected and giving you a few different options. 

  4. Select Copy / Move to.


5.  A new menu will open giving you an option to choose a Storm to copy or move your stickies to.

6. You can search for a specific Storm by typing the name of the storm (1 below) or scrolling though all of the Storms (2 below).

7. Select the section of the Storm you'd like to copy or move your stickies to (3 below).  

8. Click Copy or Move.


9. You will know when the stickies have completed the move when the following green window shows up on the top right corner of your screen.


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