How do I change an Index Card View?

Explore Stormboard's new index card views to display your content with greater clarity and flexibility

Accessing the New Views:

  1. Head to the index card menu.
  2. Find the "View" submenu, which is right below the "Edit" option.

Submenu drop down

3.   The default display is the "View: Index Card".

Your New View Options:

1. Substorm Preview:
This offers a quick snapshot of your Storm directly on the index card. If there's recent activity in the storm, you'll get a notification badge. Additionally, there's a convenient "Open Substorm" button for direct access.

2. Substorm Description:
Transform your index card into a writable area. Begin by clicking on the prompt that says "Click here to add a description…” Once you've added sufficient text, the card becomes scrollable for ease of reading.


Remember, permissions for editing a substorm description align with those for the sticky. Ensure you're authorized before editing.

We're excited for you to try out these new views and hope they elevate your digital whiteboarding experience. If you have questions or feedback, our support team is always here to help!