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How do I "Align to Grid" multiple stickies?

Select the "Align to Grid" option in the menu that appears when multiple sticky notes are selected.

To align multiple stickies to a grid:

  1. Press and hold the Shift key and click on a blank area of the Storm. Drag the cursor to select as many stickies as you like. Or, hold the Shift key and click on individual stickies.

  2. The selected sticky notes will have a blue outline.

  3. A new menu will appear next to your cursor showing you the number of stickies you selected and giving you different options. 

  4. Select Align to Grid.

Sticky drop down menu with "align to grid" selected

5. Depending on the number of selected stickies, there will be various alignment options available to choose from. Select the one that you prefer.

Example of Stickies aligned to grid


Note: Locked stickies will not be able to be selected, you will need to unlock the stickies first.