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How do I add sticky notes to a Storm on mobile?

While inside a Storm, tap the blue '+ button' in the bottom right corner of your screen. The 'Add Sticky Note' menu will popup.

  1. Change the section your sticky note is added to.
  2. Change the color of your sticky note.
  3. Add a text sticky note.
  4. Add a whiteboard sticky note.
  5. Add an image sticky note.
  6. Add a video sticky note.
  7. Add an index card sticky note.
  8. Add a file sticky note.
  9. Tap the ‘X’ to cancel.

IMG_5346 (2)IMG_5347

Depending on the type of sticky note you’re adding, you’ll be directed to another screen where you can finalize the content you want to add. Tap the green ‘checkmark’ in the top right corner of that screen to add the sticky note into the Storm.