How do I add a Story Point section type to Stormboard?

Story Point sections can be used to automatically assign Story Points to a Jira issue from a Storm.

Dragging an issue from a backlog section into another section of your Storm will automatically create a Jira Issue Sticky Note, which can then be dragged into a Story Point section to apply a set number of Story Points to the issue in Jira.

To add a Story Point section to your Storm:

1. Start with a template that has at least one blank standard section. For example, the ‘Story Point Sizing’ template has blank sections for your backlog and seven Story Point amounts.

2. Click the Edit icon in the top right corner of the section and click Edit Section.

Edit section in drop down menu

3. In the menu that appears, under the General tab:

  • Set Title to ‘Story Points’

  • Set Digit to the amount of Story Points you would this section will apply.

Customize Template Section Story points

4. Under the Integration tab:

  • Set Connection to your Jira Connection

  • Set Connect To to ‘Story Points’

  • Set Story Points to the amount of Story points you would like this section to apply.

5. Click Save Changes.

Customize Template Section integration

Repeat steps 2-5 for each Story Point amount you'd like to have in your template.