How can I tell who I've invited to a Storm?

Use the 'Invite Users' menu to resend invites to your Storm's participants.

Find out who you have invited to your Storm

Select "Invite Users" in your bottom toolbar (pictured below)

"Invite Users" icon highlighted in toolbar

Click on the Resend Invites tab at the top of the new Invite widow

Invite users menu
  1. Clicking the blue underlined text that says 'Select All' will select all of the invitees that you can resend invitations to.

  2. The email addresses of everyone who has been invited to this Storm, but hasn't accepted their invite, will appear here. Anyone who has an invitation sent to them that day will be greyed out (Users can only be invited once per day). You can click on the box to the left of the user's email address to individually select them.

  3. Clicking the Resend Invites button at the bottom of the window will resend email invitations to all of the selected users.