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How can I Lock/Unlock multiple stickies?

Prevent multiple sticky notes from being moved or edited.

To lock multiple stickies:

  1. Press and Hold the Shift key and click on a blank area on the storm and drag the cursor to select as many Stickies as you like (the selected sticky notes will be highlighted in blue).

  2. A new menu will appear next to your cursor. It will show you the number of stickies you selected and it will give you different options. 

  3. Select Lock All.

locking multiple stickies

4. The selected stickies will show up with a red pin on them. 

Locked stickies with red pins

Note: Locked stickies can't be edited or moved but you can still comment and vote on them.

To unlock multiple stickies, follow the above steps to select multiple locked stickies. In the menu that appears next to your cursor, select Unlock All.

unlocking multiple stickies