A Storm Contributor is any user that is invited to a Storm.

Storm Contributors can:

  • See what is happening in the Storm in real-time.
  • Participate actively in Storms.
  • Contribute their own ideas. 
  • Use any type of stickies.
  • Edit their own ideas.
  • Lock their ideas.
  • Select which color to use for their ideas.
  • Vote on any idea.
  • Comment on any idea.
  • Assign tasks to any idea.
  • Zoom in and out in the Storm.
  • See who created which idea and when.

There is no limit on the contributors (users) that can join your Storms in the Startup or Business subscriptions.

NOTE: All contributors/users in your Team Storms will be added to your Team and your bill.

The Personal plan allows a maximum of 5 collaborators per Storm.

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