Team Administrator
This user is the person that signed up for the paid subscription. They manage the team, change settings, can change credit card information, and can disable users. Teams on Startup and Business subscriptions can have only one Team Administrator. Enterprise customers can have multiple Team Administrators.

Storm Creator
These type of users can create Storms and invite users to their Storms. When new users join a Storm, they are automatically added to their team and their bill.

Storm Administrator
The creator of a Storm is automatically the Storm Administrator. They can change settings in a Storm and run the reports. Teams on our Business or Enterprise subscription can have multiple Storm Administrators.

Storm Viewers
This option is only available to our paid subscribers. Storm viewers are participants in a Storm that can only view and not contribute to the Storms. Storm viewers are FREE and aren't added to your team or your bill.

Storm Contributors/Collaborators
Storm Collaborators are participants in a Storm that can fully contribute in real-time to your Storm. When they join your Storm, they are automatically added to your team and your bill.

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