From your Dashboard:

  1. All new Activity in all of your Storms is listed in the central panel of your Dashboard. 
  2. If you click the settings wheel on the top right corner of the Activity bar, it will reveal an Activity checklist that you can filter in any way you choose. Anything that is checked will show up in the Activity log whenever you are on your Dashboard.
  3. If you click on the Activity in the Dashboard, you will be taken to the sticky note in the relevant Storm. 

Within a Storm:

  1. Click the Activity tab on the top right hand corner of your screen. Note: If there is new activity a little red circle with the number of new actions in that Storm will appear.
  2. All of the activity in your storm will be listed. You can also choose to view only the new ideas or the new comments. 
  3. Clicking on an idea or comment will take you to the relevant sticky. 

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