Stickies are resized by clicking on them after creating the idea to bring up the edit sticky options. 

  1. Selecting the two black squares side by side will give you a longer sticky (size of two sticky notes side by side.)
  2. Selecting the four black squares will give you a larger four by four sticky note.
  3. Select the black square expanding out to resize sticky notes to any size by dragging from the three dots in the bottom right corner

Note: Resizing Whiteboard, Image and Video will allow for the content to show larger.

Index Card Stickies are longer than regular stickies by default, and they can be resized to any size by clicking and dragging.

  1. To resize an index card click on the bottom right corner.

2. Drag the corner to make it as long or wide as you would like.

You can also resize the sections of any template to hold more ideas and make your Storms look neat and organized.

And, don't forget you can zoom in and out of your Storms to get a different view of your ideas.

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