Creating file sticky notes on Stormboard

  1. Double click anywhere in your Storm to create a new sticky and select the File tab.

To Upload Documents:

  1. Drag a file from your desktop directly to the Storm.
  2. Upload a File
    a) Select a local file
    b) Select from Box
     c) Select from OneDrive
  3. Create a new Excel, Word, or Powerpoint Document using Office. 

To Open a File Sticky:

Double click on the File Sticky and it will expand and show the content. These are the options you will have:

  1. Edit in Browser (using Microsoft 360 for subscribers only)
  2. Download
  3. Print to PDF
  4. Close document
  5. Expand view
  6. Number of pages to flip through
  7. Microsoft Access
  8. Open document in separate window.

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