Stormboard Academy can be accessed by anyone with a Stormboard account.

Here’s how:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click the “Help” menu while on your Dashboard or in a Storm.
  3. Select “Stormboard Academy”.
  4. Begin your training!

Below are two images showing you the Stormboard Academy Dashboard and the Course View.

Dashboard view

  1. Home: return to your dashboard
  2. Profile Menu: access your dashboard, profile, or logout
  3. Course Thumbnail: access the course and it’s lessons
  4. Course Filter: filter by course name or last accessed
  5. Progress Indicator: completion status of the course

Course view

  1. Navigation: use these links to navigate between your dashboard and courses.
  2. Lesson Title: each course is made up of lessons; click the title to access the lesson.
  3. Completion Checkmark: a blue checkmark will appear to the right of completed lessons .
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