Stormboard is integrated with Microsoft Office 365, which means Microsoft documents can be created, added, opened, and edited in any Storm.  

The live co-editing feature allows multiple users to co-edit Microsoft documents at the same time right in their Storm. 

You can create a brand new document by selecting a File Sticky Note and choosing either an Excel, Word, or PowerPoint document, or you can upload your own file to edit with your team. 

Using Stormboard to host the documents your team are working on means you no longer have to worry about who has the most up-to-date copy of the document.

If you are uploading a file to co-edit: 

  1. First, upload your file onto a File sticky note.  
    a. You can upload files from a local file on your machine, from Box, or from OneDrive.
    b. You can create Excel, Word or PowerPoint files directly in Stormboard.

2. Click on the sticky note to open the document. Once the document is open (it will open right in the Storm!), choose “Edit in Browser”. This will allow you to start editing the document.

3. All other users in your Storm can repeat Step 2 to join you in co-editing the document together.

4. The documents you co-edit in a Storm are automatically saved in Stormboard.

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