Only the Storm Administrator can perform this action.

Once you have invited a Viewer to your Storm, you can switch their role to Storm Collaborator

There are 2 ways to do this:


  1. Click the  Viewers icon located in your Storm Menu at the bottom of your screen.

  2.   You will see a list of who you have invited. Click on the avatar of the Viewer you would like to add.

   3.   Next, click the icon on the right of the avatar. A pop-up menu will give you the  option to make that Viewer a Storm Contributor. Click on it.

   4.   The Viewer is now a Storm Collaborator, and is ready to contribute to your Storm.


  1. Once a user has accepted an invitation to join a Storm as a Viewer only, he/she can send a request to the Storm Administrator to be switched to a Contributor.

   2.   If he/she does this, the request will be sent directly to the Storm Administrator.

   3.    The Storm Administrator can then approve or deny the request.

Once a Viewer becomes a Storm Collaborator, they are considered to be part of your team and will be added to your bill.

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