1. On your Dashboard.

Activity on your Dashboard will show you the most recent information about what is happening in ALL your Storms. The information will appear in chronological order. 

For example:

  1. How many stickies were added to a particular Storm.
  2. The outstanding Tasks you have, including the due date, the Storm and who assinged them to you.
  3. How many stickies were moved in a particular Storm and by whom.
  4. The type of stickies that were added to a specific Storm and who added them.
  5. Who joined your team and when.

Navigating your Dashboard activity feed

If you click once on the Storm link attached to a certain notification in the activity feed, a drop-down menu (1) will appear with the option to either Hide or Clear the Activity.

If you click twice next to the Storm name (2) the list of stickies (3) that were added to that Storm will appear below it. If you click on any of these stickies, you will be taken directly to the Storm that the sticky is from. .

Once you are taken to the Storm, the stickies with new Activity will be highlighted (4). Any new Activity will have a red dot in the list found under the Activity tab (5) on the left side of the screen. The number of new stickies will appear on top of the Activity tab (6).

2. Within a Storm

  1. Click the Activity tab.
  2. A Drop in menu will open showing a list of all recent activity.
  3. Clicking on an item on the list will cause the corresponding sticky note in your Storm to be highlighted. 

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