You can cancel your 30-day Free Trial at any time.

When you create a team, you have 30 days until your Free Trial expires.

For your peace of mind, on day 27 and 30 of your trial, we send you emails to remind you that your Trial is about to expire, to avoid any charges to your card.

If you do not cancel the trial following the 30th day, your subscription will become a paid one.

On about day 60, you will receive your first bill for the number of enabled users in your team.

To Cancel Your Trial:

IMPORTANT: Log in to your DESKTOP with your Team Administrator e-mail.

Only the Team Administrator can perform this action.

From your Dashboard go to: My Account.

  1. Go to your Team's Info.
  2. Select Billing.
  3. Click: Cancel Subscription.

A new window will open (pictured below) showing:

1 )   Notification that ALL Storms will close making them READ ONLY.
2 )  Number of Storms that will be closed.
3 )  Number of Users that will be notified.
4 )  How much your final bill will be.
5 )  Length of your subscription.
6 )  You will need to select a reason for cancellation.
7 )  You will need to confirm the subscription change.


  • If you change to the FREE subscription, all your paid Storms need to be closed (making them read only).
  • If your Storms have less than 5 users, you can then re-open them.
  • When re-opening a Storm that has more than 5 users, it will become active again and Billing Charges will apply.

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