Agile Integration Authentication Levels

Understanding authentication level settings when setting up an agile connection to Stormboard

When setting up an agile integration with Stormboard, selecting the appropriate authentication levels is an important step for team administrators. This choice affects both the security and functionality of your team's interactions with integrated agile tools like Jira, Rally, or ADO. This article is designed to clarify the different authentication options available and their respective implications, empowering you to make an informed decision.

How to Set Authentication Levels

As a team administrator, you can set the authentication level by following these steps:

1. Go to the Team Admin Panel.
2. Navigate to the 'Integrations' tab.
3. Click the 'Connections' button.
4. Locate the agile connection you wish to configure and click 'Edit'.

Authentication Options

Let's examine the three authentication options and their implications:

1. Service Account

Under this level, users can perform all actions, including creating a backlog, dependencies, and agile sticky notes, through the service account without individual authentication.

- No Agile Tool Account Required: Enables broader participation as team members do not need an individual Jira, Rally, or ADO account.
- Reduced Security and Traceability: All actions are logged in the audit trail of the agile tool as being performed by the service account, not individual users. This could be a downside if accountability for actions is crucial for your team.

2. Mixed Authentication

Users need to authenticate individually for specific actions like creating agile sticky notes, setting up dependencies, and forming an agile backlog. All other actions are carried out through the service account.

- Partial Agile Tool Account Requirement: Only those engaging in specific tasks will need an agile tool account.
- Balanced Security and Traceability: Critical actions will be attributed to individual accounts in the agile tool’s audit log, while other actions will be logged under the service account.

3. Full Authentication

This level requires users to authenticate individually for any agile-related actions, with additional controls based on project-specific permissions in the agile tool.

- Agile Tool Account Mandatory: All team members will need an individual agile tool account.
-  All Actions Logged: Every action will be logged in the agile tool’s audit log under individual user accounts, providing maximum accountability and traceability.


Your authentication level should align with your team's priorities in terms of security, traceability, and ease of participation. Each option carries its own benefits and limitations, especially concerning how actions are logged in the audit trail of the connected agile tool.

If you have further questions, our customer support team is always here to assist you.