Select Whiteboard from the sticky note menu.

Click Start a New Whiteboard.

An infinite whiteboard canvas will open that never runs out of space. This is what you will see:

             1) The sticky name will change to Whiteboard.
             2) The checkmark can be clicked to save what you create.
             3) Clicking "x" will close the Whiteboard.
             4) The zoom bar can be used to navigate.
             5) Shows users active in the Whiteboard.
             6) Whiteboard menu options.
             7) Full screen option.

 Main features:

  • Drawing can occur on an unlimited number of devices, by an unlimited number of users, in any location.
  • Easy to use due to almost no lag or interference interface.
  • Fully cross-platform – works on any modern web browser, tablet or natively on the Microsoft Surface Hub.
  • Multiple drawing tools are available including eraser, lines, arrows, circles, squares, and polygons.
  • Multiple pen colors are also available.
  • Text boxes are editable, available in different color options, are resizable, and more.
  • You can sketch on images so that you can draw on, and markup, a screenshot, architectural diagram, or the latest prototype of your product.
  • The circled button below allows you to move things around after they have been created.
  • You can use multiple whiteboards in a single collaborative session so you can keep your ideas organized.
  • Whiteboards can be saved so they can continue to be added to or archived for future reference.
  • An undo function allows you to fix any mistakes you’ve made.

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