One of Stormboard's greatest features is reporting. This feature gives you the ability to create professional looking documents using the information in your own Storm, which you can than print, save, or share.

These are the available Reports:

Even though this feature is only offered to our paid subscribers, those with a free account can experience the reporting feature by signing up for a 30 Day Free Trial of one of Stormboard's subscriptions. 

You will need to enter a credit card, but you can cancel the subscription once the trial is over, and you will never be charged. We send an email on day 27 and day 30 of your trial to remind you it is about to expire. Your credit card will not be charged until 30 full days after your trial has expired.

Please take a look at our Report Blog for more details, and samples of our Reports.

Please visit our Plans and Pricing page for more information.

NOTE: Only Storm Creators or Administrators can perform this action.

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