NOTE: Only Storm Creators or Administrator can perform this action.

A Wall View PNG Report takes a screenshot of the area of the Storm that is visible on your screen. 

How to take a photo (create a Wall View PNG Report) of your entire Storm: 

  1. To create a Wall View PNG Report showing your entire Storm, go to the Zoom in/out menu in the top right corner or your screen, and minimize your Storm. If you only want to show a certain part of your Storm, go to the Zoom in/out menu and adjust the view of your Storm.

  2. Click on Reports located at the bottom of your screen. 

  3. Select Wall View PNG.

  4. While your report is being created the following message will show up.

  5. Wait until the report is ready.

  6. Click Save Report.

  7.  A new window will open in your browser. Click to save.

  8. Your report is ready!

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