NOTE: Only the Team Administrator can perform this action..

Click the Reports button at the bottom of the Storm that you would like to make a Report for. 

These are the Reporting Options available:


A visual representation of the words most commonly used in a Storm.

Summary Report (PDF)

The summary report includes Usage Data, Ideas, Comments, and Vote count for a Storm, nicely formatted in a PDF document.

Wall View (PNG)

The Wall View report preserves the visual nature of your Storm — it is basically a snapshot of what appears on your screen.

Outline (HTML)
The Outline report exports to a web page (html) as a list which includes the section headings with the sticky notes and index cards nested beneath them.

Excel Report (XLS)
Exporting your Storm to a spreadsheet (XLS) will give you all the power of Excel for analyzing your Storm. 

Microsoft Word Document
The Microsoft Word report is very similar to the Outline report, but instead of an html page it is exported to a .doc file that can be opened in Word.

Microsoft PowerPoint
The PowerPoint report will export each of your sections as a slide within a PowerPoint presentation, with the heading placed at the top of the slide and the information from each sticky note and index card listed below.

These exports give you your Storm data in three popular data interchange formats. These exports include all ideas, index cards and all ideas inside those index cards.

Read more about our reporting options here.

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